“Love Your Neighbor” is a weekend of evangelism and outreach.  It was designed to serve local churches in many areas, such as the following:”Love Your Neighbor” is a weekend of evangelism and outreach.  It was designed to serve local churches in many areas, such as the following:

  1. To train and equip every believer with the tools they need to effectively share the gospel and bear fruit;
  2. To help people overcome fear and believe that God desires to, and will use them;
  3. To help the pastor identify a key person within the church to take on the role of Evangelism Director so that after the weekend is concluded, evangelism will continue to be part of the church’s DNA.
  4. To build an evangelism team around the Evangelism Director within local churches to better serve their pastor, church, and community;
  5. To serve the church’s unique and specific vision, and
  6. To serve the church right where they are, and help them get to the next level in evangelism.






The Acts 29 School of Evangelism manual was written by Joe Oden, who learned from years of personal experience how to reach people and turn them to Jesus.  Love Your Neighbor weekends use this manual for training sessions focused on basic evangelism foundations, as well as equipping individuals in spirit-led and power evangelism.  The sessions are followed by a wonderful faith-building outreach that best fits the ministry or Church we serve.  The range of outreaches varies from door-to-door, follow-up visitation, drink/food giveaways, children’s outreach, street evangelism, feeding the homeless, helping businesses with clean-up, cutting grass for the disabled, helping the elderly, and much more.  Every outreach is prayerfully organized according to each church/ministry size and budget, and geared to fit the needs or desires of the church.  The avenues of outreach are discussed and determined by the pastor and Joe Oden Ministries thirty to sixty days prior to the scheduled weekend.  Rarely are two outreaches just alike because churches differ in each community and ministry.  This outreach is designed to bless every church, pastor, and leader we have the privilege to serve.

Love Your Neighbor weekends strive to mobilize every believer in excellence, as they seek to answer the most important call mankind has ever received: to go into all the world and preach the Gospel!





Joe’s passion is to help pastors build an evangelism team within their church.  Over the weekend, Joe works with the pastor to identify a key person in the church who has a heart to lead in evangelism.  After the weekend, Joe continues communication with the evangelism leader and provides them a bi-weekly teaching for six months.  His desire is to help the church continue building an effective outreach team to reach their community.  He also makes himself available to assist the leader in working through strategies and in developing fresh ideas to fulfill the great commission.  We also provide a monthly conference call where the Evangelism Director is invited to be apart of an Evangelism Director’s network throughout America.  Each month, we have another qualified evangelist to speak into their lives and help better equip them to serve their team, pastor, and the local Church.

What should you expect at your church when you hold a love your neighbor weekend?

The Friday night meeting is a rally to encourage and empower every believer.  The night focuses on overcoming fear and to bring everyone to the knowledge that it is God’s will to use everyone, in every situation.  In a nutshell, we are believing God for a great manifestation of Acts 1:8.

The Saturday training sessions give teaching and insight on how to interact with the lost and lead people to Jesus.  Joe teaches what to do, and what not to do when evangelizing.  The teaching is followed by the planned outreach that normally begins around noon until complete (averages 2-3 hours).






If desired, there will be an evangelistic service Saturday night for the people reached during the day.  The weekends are concluded with Joe ministering on the regular Sunday service(s).If possible, Joe will also serve by bringing a team from Joe Oden Ministries or Launch School of Ministry.  His heart is to serve and help you dream your dream in any way he can.


Door-to-door Children’s outreach Street evangelism to bar districts Homeless outreach Mall and youth centered outreach Drink distribution Nursing home ministry Cutting grass and/or clean up Serving local businesses If something is not mentioned that is on your heart, let’s do it!


7: 00 p.m. Worship, Word, and prayer to prepare hearts for the outreach.
9: 30 a.m. prayer10: 00 – 10: 45 a.m. training; power evangelism (manuals available upon request)11: 00 – 11: 45 a.m. training; Spirit led evangelism (Training session topics do vary on what would best serve each church)12: 00 – 2: 30 p.m. outreach (Can vary upon request)7: 00 p.m. optional Saturday night (if you would like)
Joe will minister in regularly scheduled services.


Friday: one evening meal Saturday: breakfast, lunch, dinner Sunday: breakfast Housing
Host homes will need to provide meals for team members if not available at the church.


Flyers or handouts need to be provided for all outreach teams with the church address and service times.