Surveying the Soil

Surveying the Soil

The Apostle Paul wrote a profound statement to the Corinthians: “Some plant, others water, but God makes it grow.” He is speaking about the process when it comes to evangelism. Often when we think about evangelism in the American Church it’s viewed as a time of harvest. However, Paul describes it in three phases; not just the harvest phase. Our current culture in the United States needs the planting phase before harvest can even be attempted. Fifty years ago a drunk sailor knew the word of God and the 10 commandments, but a majority of young people today don’t even have a concept of sin, the blood, nor what Jesus accomplished for their life. (With that being said, I have viewed many miracle harvest’s like the woman at the well who was powerfully transformed through the word of knowledge and was never the same again.)  However, oftentimes God will use us to first sow a seed.

I love what Jesus says he came to do, “I only say what the Father says and I only do what the Father does.” This has helped me in both church mobilization and personal evangelism. Whenever I am speaking with someone I pray that God will lead me in what to say and do and nothing more. He is always saying and doing something towards the lost because His mission is “to save and to seek those who are lost”. Our job is to get in tune with Him so we can say and do exactly what He is saying and doing and nothing more. In some cases He may just want you to show kindness, invite someone to church, share a simple scripture, or offer prayer. Other times He may want you to address sin in an individual’s life, be more straight forward, or release a prophetic word.

To sum it up, we need to be led by the Spirit of God as we endeavor to reach our communities.  Please join me in this prayer: “God give us the discernment and insight to know what and what not to say. Help me know when to just simply plant a seed, show an act of kindness, when to water, and when to swing the sickle and harvest the soul. Give me great discernment with the soil of every heart I minister to. In Jesus name Amen!”

Together in the harvest,

Joe Oden